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Artisti del gelato

Armed with an experience of over 40 years in the pastry field, Agrimontana has transferred his wealth of knowledge in the world of gelato, placing it as a top priority in the use of natural ingredients, processed using of the best techniques to offer products rich in flavor by preserving intact all the nutritional properties at taste. Agrimontana has developed some parameters to protect the craftsmanship of gelato that takes into account the natural ingredients in harmony with nature (without the addition of monodiglycerides, not-noble vegetable fats, hydrogenated fats, coloring and preserving agents) and excellence in the preparation evaluated second palatability, balance, equilibrium, smoothness, compactness , spreadability.

Agrimontana offers to the professionals of gelato, who want to fully combine the philosophy of naturalness, some technical products, composed by ingredients coming from a natural origin, only. Neutro 5 (5g. per litre) for ice creams or fruit sorbets, made with natural flours as thickeners and natural lecithins as emulsifiers. As a natural evolution of Neutro 5, to make the preparation of the recipes easier, Agrimontana has pre-weighted for you some ingredients, such as glucose syrup, dextrose and sugar to create a Base 50 (50g per litre) that is ideal for ice creams; for fruit sorbets Agrimontana enriched its Neutro 5 with vegetal fibres (inuline), dextrose and fructose. For an even faster job Agrimontana proposes its "Easy weight" and "Quick Weight" Bases for Ice creams and fruit sorbets.

The offer Agrimontana provides, among many flavors:

  • DOMORI CHOCOLATE: five pure origins of noble Aromatic cocoas, Trinitarios, Nacional and Criollos only, the result of a careful control of the supply chain;

  • the best ITALIAN FRUIT IN SHELL, directly selected by Agrimontana: the IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, the BRONTE Sicilian pistachios, almonds that are grown in Val di Noto, in Sicily;

  • MARRONS GLACES: only the best tillage of Italian chestnut, brown sugar of Reunion and Mauritius islands and Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar;

  • ILLY COFFEE: the world famous brand for a blend of the best Arabica.



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