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Agrimontana excellence expresses its values in the traditional candied fruit with extreme attention paid to:

  • the groves (Calabrian oranges, lemons from Sicily and citrons (cedro) from Diamante, ...);

  • the processing of the fresh fruits (hand peeling, quick deep freezing, ...);

  • the candying process that is carried out on intact fruit without the use of sulfur dioxide and in the traditional long times;

  • cutting, dicing and mashing are made strictly after the candied fruit processing, so that the aromatic oils, now trapped by sugars ferment, are kept in the product.

Fruit purees, that are without any preserving, flavoring, jelling agents and with no thickeners, are produced starting from the fruit that are grown strickly in respect of Agrimontana harsh standards and harvested at the right stage of maturity.
A slight pasteurization and aseptic cold filling, makes them safe knocking down the bacterial load. Easy to be used, they retain all the characteristics of the fresh fruit. So at last the fruit of... real fruit, with the only addition of sugar in low size (10%), in a wide range of tastes, makes it perfect for gelato, sorbets and frozen desserts.


  • Apricot puree

  • Pineapple puree

  • Banana puree

  • Strawberry puree

  • Raspberry puree

  • Tangerine puree

  • Mango puree

  • Blueberry puree

  • Passion fruit puree

  • White peach puree

  • William pear puree



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