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Marron Glacé

Recognized for excellence by pastry chefs around the world for the quality and naturalness now proposed in the gelato in old and new recipes. The quality of the food depends first of all on the quality of the raw material.

That's why Agrimontana uses only the fruits born in a natural and preserved in its integrity habitat. The "Marroni" (big chestnuts) selected by Agrimontana are thus only those who grew up on the chestnut trees of the woods, where, besides the modern concept of organic, living the rural tradition of cultivating according to nature, plants do not require any treatment other than pruning and cleaning the undergrowth before collection.

Only the best Italian chestnut "Cultivar", that are selected for their morphological and organoleptic characteristics, enter the production chain of Agrimontana. Where "cultivar" means a variety of the crop, obtained by genetic improvement, which summarizes a set of specific morphological, physiological, and agronomic commodity of particular interest and transmissible propagation is by seed for both plant parts; from a practical point of view, the cultivar would be analogous to the race of an animal species obtained by the domestication and selection.

The tradition of Piedmontese marron glacé is expanding its horizons to the fragrances of the "Marrone della Val Calore", but also to the raw sugar of Reunion and Mauritius island and the Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar.



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